Comprehensive Code Review within your infrastructure

We believe that each mistake has its own history and by understanding the roots, you can identify patterns and not only improve your code but also help your programmers work better.

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Why Coditsu?

Coditsu provides an analysis perspective that goes beyond a single project and regular code review, and it does that within your infrastructure. It runs from a configurable docker container, sending only code snippets and small details about the detected offenses via our API. That means that you keep the control over the source code and you can run Coditsu container even from a local machine.

Wide range of validators and code analyzers

We provide you with both open-source and our own validators. Thanks to them, you can track and understand problems in your code base.

No source code permissions required

We don't ask for any permissions to your source code. It is yours and this is how it is suppose to stay. Instead, we provide you with a docker container that you can run, whenerever and whenever you want.

Introduced and resolved issues tracking

Track new and resolved problems and focus on what is really important. Keep the technical dept managable and focus on what is important.

Selected Features

Coditsu is a comprehensive platform for insightful code analysis and automated code review. It is a well-designed tool for both valid forcasts and sensible retrospectives.

Quality insights

Track and manage your technical debt, code quality and documentation standards. ANalyze not only the code, but all of it's surroundings.

Constant monitoring

Your code may no longer change, but the environment in which it works does. We update our container on a daily basis with the most recent versions of all the tools.

Customizable settings

Plenty of flexible settings and configuration options for your codebase analytics. You can decide what the quality means to you based on the business you run.

Offensive words detection

Programmers use different words in the code during development. Some of them shouldn't end up on prod. Are you sure they haven't?

No more code dependencies

We won't ask you to give us access to your source code and we also don't ask you to install anything. That means, you end up having way less dependencies than usual.

Freedom of execution

Run Coditsu execution engine on your already configured CI, on your laptop or even on a Raspberry Pi. Whatever you find suitable, as long as it runs Docker, we're fine with it!


Code quality and analytics made better

  • We update the analytics core docker image each time anythings changes. New library versions? New vulnerabilities data? New tools? Not a problem. You just need to pull the latest image and run it as usual.
  • If you manage an IT company, technical department or a software house, you will be able to drastically reduce number of "non production" dependencies because Coditsu runs all of the checks, without requiring you to install any additional libraries.
  • If you are a business client ordering IT services or a product, you will be able to monitor and participate in how they are provided.