Comprehensive Code Review

We believe that each mistake has its own history and by understanding the roots, you can identify patterns and not only improve your code but also help your programmers work better.

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Why Coditsu?

Coditsu provides an analysis perspective that goes beyond a single project and standard code review. It aggregates and presents data at the organisation level and at the same time it gives insights on each project and employee working on your products. You can use Coditsu not only to verify the code quality and its current state, but also to analyze the work habits of its creators and trends in their behavior and coding choices - related both to the quality and productivity.

Wide range of validators and code analyzers

We provide you with both open-source and our own validators. Thanks to them, you can track and understand problems in your code base.

Projects and organization statistics

Track and manage your technical debt, code quality and documentation standards. Detect not only problems but understand why they emerge.

Employees statistics and evaluation

Understand performance, style and habits of developers in your organization by following how and when they work.

Selected Features

Coditsu is a comprehensive platform for insightful code analysis and automated code review as well as for reliable evaluation of programmers work and their habits. It is a well-designed tool for both valid forcasts and sensible retrospectives.

Quality insights

Track and manage your technical debt, code quality and documentation standards.

Constant monitoring

Your code may no longer change, but the environment in which it works does. We go beyond per-commit checks and constantly monitors your systems looking for new issues.

Customizable settings

Plenty of flexible settings and configuration options for your codebase analytics.

Offensive words detection

Programmers use different words in the code during development. Some of them shouldn't end up on prod. Are you sure they haven't?

Technologies distribution

Do you know how much Javascript your Ruby programmers do? Maybe it’s time to hire a new frontend developer to increase their efficiency?

Technology lockdown

Are your developers eager to learn new things? That’s great, but maybe they shouldn’t do that in production. Especially without your knowledge.


Code quality and analytics made better

  • Coditsu performs the analysis each time the source code is changed or once a day (every 24 hours at the minimum), even if there were no changes in the source code in the meantime.
  • If you manage an IT company, technical department or a software house, you will be able to see your organization and all your projects, no matter how advanced, from any meaningful angle that you need to run your business effectively and maintain high quality of your products.
  • If you are a business client ordering IT services or a product, you will be able to monitor and participate in how they are provided.